Becoming an Agent

How to Become an Agent with FirstCare

We are very excited that you are interested in partnering with us to sell our products. Let’s get you started.

Depending on the line(s) of business you are interested in selling, agents will contact the appropriate team for assistance.

  • Licensed agents interested in selling Group products, please contact a FirstCare Regional Sales Manager (RSM), based on the region you wish to do business in.
  • Licensed agents interested in selling Medicare and/or On/Off Exchange products, please contact our Agent Licensing Team at

Agent/Agency Onboarding

Here are a few helpful reminders to finalizing appointments

  • Appointments are not processed until all documents have been received.
  • Please see Appointment Process for specifics.


Marketplace Direct Enrollment Portal

Agent VIP Line

Have a question about any of our products, benefits, etc.? Call FirstCare's Agent VIP Line at 1-877-514-8999.

Agent Self-Service Portal

Click here for the Agent Self-Service Portal Reference Guide.

Click here to access the Enrollment Guide for Commercial Groups.

Click here to access the Agent Self-Service Portal.

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