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Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Plans

Welcome to CHIP

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a health plan for children 18 years and younger. CHIP is for families when their income is too high for Medicaid but they can't afford other insurance. CHIP covers health services like checkups, lab tests, x-rays, hospital stays, medicines, dental care, and more.

CHIP Perinatal Benefits

CHIP Perinatal benefits are services to the unborn child of a pregnant woman who does not qualify for other Medicaid programs or traditional CHIP. The program will also continue services for some newborn children after delivery. To learn more about the program and other benefits for pregnant women, visit our Healthy Pregnancy page.

Is There a Cost to Join CHIP?

CHIP Members - There may be a cost to join. The cost is based on the family income, assets and size. The cost may have an enrollment fee and co-payments. Enrollment fees are $50 or less for each six-month enrollment. Most co-payments for doctor visits and medicines drugs are from $3 to $20.

CHIP Perinatal Members - There is no cost to join the CHIP Perinatal program and no cost for care.

How Does CHIP Work?

CHIP Members - When you join CHIP, you will pick a doctor for your children. The doctor you pick will be the primary care physician, also called the PCP. This doctor will help when medical care is needed. You will be sent a CHIP ID card. The doctor (PCP) you choose will be listed on the CHIP ID card. You will need to show the CHIP ID card at each doctor visit.
CHIP Perinatal Members - When the pregnant mother of the unborn child joins the program, she will pick a doctor for care while she is pregnant. Once the baby is born, the mother will pick a doctor to be the baby's primary care provider, also called the PCP. This doctor will help when the baby needs medical care. The mother will be sent a CHIP Perinatal ID card to use before the baby is born. The baby will be sent a CHIP Perinatal ID card once the baby is born. The baby's doctor will be listed on the baby's CHIP Perinatal ID card. Show the doctor the card each visit.

What Are the Benefits of FirstCare CHIP?

CHIP and CHIP Perinatal Newborn Benefits:
  • No limit on RX
  • Hospital care as long as medically needed
  • Doctor Visits

You get free "extra" benefits in the Lubbock area

Keep Your Benefits!

CHIP enrollment will need to be renewed every 12 months. If you have questions, call FirstCare at

FirstCare is here to help.

We can help you find a doctor or schedule a checkup. We’re also here to answer any questions about your benefits. We speak English and Spanish. We also have a language line to speak to you in other languages. 1-877-639-2447

TTY Line 1-800-562-5259


CHIP Service Area

Talk to a NurseSM

Need care advice? Should you see a doctor? Get the info you need today! FirstCare members can talk to a nurse 24/7 by calling 1.855.828.1013.

Utilization Management

Ever wonder how we decide to authorize services? Our decisions are based on medical evidence and consensus of health care professionals. For more details, click here.

Am I in the FirstCare Service Area?

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has awarded an accreditation status of Accredited for service and clinical quality that meet the basic requirements of NCQA's rigorous standards for consumer protection and quality improvement.

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